Friday, June 1, 2012

1911 tuckable IWB holster.

Here's a Tuckable IWB for a 1911 that I made.  I never added 1911s to my list of guns on my site because of all the different variations and models that it was difficult to list them all so what I'm going to do now is just add a 1911 slot with a notation to put the details in the notes when checking out, this applies to all the sizes of 1911s as well.  If you have a customized 1911 you may want to email me ahead of time to make sure I can accomodate it. 

This holster is very comfortable even with these full size guns, the adjustable clip allows the gun to fit in a very natural position on your body and makes it very concealable and comfortable. 

New Holster model, Avenger style holster for S&W M&P Shield

This is a brand new OWB holster that I'll be offering for the Shield as well as many of the other models on my site.  It is an OWB "Avenger" styled holster, it has a slot on the trailing edge and a belt loop on the back.  The reinforced mouth and sweat shield are both standard on this model.  It features about a 10-15* cant (FBI Tilt).  The ones pictured have additional stamping on the mouth piece, the standard ones will not but it can be added for an additional fee.

These holsters will start at 90.00. 

I made a few extra for the release so I may have 2 or 3 ready to ship, check my site for availability and act fast if you want one without the wait time.

 These are the tuckable mag pouches for the Shield, they'll fit both the 7 or 8 round magazines.  The clip on the mag pouches are a bit smaller than the ones on the holster so to keep the tuckable area behind the clip the same length the tab that the clip is attached to hinges out as well, this will allow you more room to tuck in your shirt.

S&W M&P Shield Apocalyptic Survivor holsters (Special Edition)

Here are my two latest special edition holsters for the M&P Sheild.  They are both my impression of what your holster would look like if you survived the end of the world or maybe a zombie apocalypse.  There is a light colored one and a darker one, each with it's own unique markings. 
These will be for sale on my site for 90.00 each. 

Tuckable J-Frame holster

This is my tuckable holster for the J-frame/ Bodyguard 38 and other small revolvers.  The clip is offset due to the cylinder. 
Here's a leather highchair I recently did.  It came in to my shop with a torn up vinyl seating area and the chrome parts were all rusty.  I did all the leather and polished the chrome.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuckable IWB for S&W M&P Shield

Here is my latest holster, it is for the all new Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm or 40. I have a limited quantity ready to ship in my most popular configuration which is the Tuckable Inside the waistband with the sweatshield in black and Mahogony. The holster features a molded sight channel, a sweat shield to keep the gun from touching your skin, and 3 clip options (Standard metal, metal with the cross and plastic Jclip. Making them all the same saves me a bit of time which makes them a little cheaper for you, but if you need to add or remove options I can do that too but it will fall under my standard pricing.

Order now to avoid the wait, I only have a few that are ready to ship!

Price is 75.00 with the standard clip, 5.00 each upgrade fee for either the cross clip or Jclip.

A few ankle holsters

Here's a few ankle holsters I've made recently, one has a garder strap and there's a few others in different colors.

Hand tooled Chopper Seat

Here's a recent motorcycle seat I made, the artwork was provided by the customer. It features about 1" of closed cell padding, 1/4" Kangaroo lace in a full Mexican Basketweave along with some decorative lacing in the front, full leather back and 1/8" steel pan.

Custom Leather Organizer

This is an organizer I made for a woman a while back. She provided me with an old suitcase that was in her family a long time and she wanted me to use the leather from that to make it and a button from her grandfathers coat. I used that and incorporated small details like the monogram part of the suitcase centered inside and the small leather pull that was on the suitcases zipper got used as the tab on the strap.

Concealed Carry bag

Here's is a new McCabe's Custom Leather item that I came up with. The design of the bag was inspired by an old shot gun shooters bag that came into my shop for repair. I based the bag off of that and upgraded the hardware to solid brass buckles and a quick release stud for the strap, inside the bag features a belt strip which will allow the user to use a wide range of holsters inside this bag. This bag should qualify as a case for use in Illinois but I'd suggest studying the new law before using it. The bag is all hand sewn and starts at 250.00

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Site.

Please visit my new site at . Follow this link and bookmark it. This blog will continue to be maintained and will be featured on my new site on the "News and Updates" section.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New inexpenive pocket holster for Bodyguard 380, 38 and other small autos and revolvers.

I came up with a new pocket holster that I can make fairly quickly and sell for a lot less than most of my holsters. It is designed to be used in the front pocket and will work the same in the left or right pocket. The finish is rough side out, in natural color only. It is made with the same quality leather from the USA as all my other holsters are and the edges are finished just the same as my other holsters are.

The reason I decided to make an inexpensive pocket holster is because I found myself at times wanting to carry in the pocket but only on certain occasions, it wouldn't be enough for me to invest in an expensive pocket holster (or to invest in the time to make one) so I started thinking there has to be others who feel the same way. I've seen some other cheap pocket holsters and they usually look like a BoyScout project at best with uneven unfinished edges, but in reality they probably serve the purpose. I feel mine fits in right in between, it's a nice looking one but not quite like my other high end pocket holsters that I make. It's perfect for someone who is like me who only needs it on occasion or someone who may not be able to or doesn't want to afford something better at this time. Don't worry though, this holster will stand up to every day use.

It's available for the Bodyguard 380, BG 38, J-frame, Kahr P380, Ruger LCP, LC9, Keltec P3AT and possibly others. Email me for availability.

Now for the part you've been waiting for..... The cost is going to be 40.00 shipped AND for the time being they should be able to ship within 2 weeks.

For me to be able to keep them quick and cheap there will not be any options on this holster, natural roughout only! If that's not your thing please check out my other pocket holster, it can be used in either front or back pocket or can be ordered without the panel for just front pocket use and it's available in any color and smooth side out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LC9 with Crimson Trace lasers, now taking orders.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Holster models. Accepting orders now.

I'm always adding new gun models to my holster line up, I've just added the Kahr p380, Glock 17, 22, 31, 26, 27 and 33 as well as the Jframe and Bodyguard 38. For now the pricing will all be the same as the Bodyguard holsters are. Check the price list page for pricing. The full size Glocks will be slightly higher.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ruger LC9 IWB tuckable holster with clip or Jclip. Now taking orders for these, the pricing will be the same as the BG380 holsters for now. 

Purse holster for S&W Jframe with removable clip to attach it inside the purse. 

IWB holster for Kahr P9 with Jclip, natural leather finish 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bodyguard .38 and Jframe added.

I can now make holsters for the Smith & Wesson Bodygaurd 38 and J-frame. The prices will be the same as the Bodyguard holsters. Thank you.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leatherman style mag pouch for BG 380 or LCP/P3AT with flap with clip on back. These will be custom made to order in any color. $50.00.